by Tim Chaplin

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Tara Records

TARA 011


released April 26, 2011


Tim Chaplin: Vocals, electric guitar, 6-string acoustic guitar, 12-string acoustic guitar, resonator guitar, harmonium, piano, harpsichord, tambourine, samples, programming

Jerry Oviedo: Sitar, banjo, bass guitar

Ken Sailer: Hammond, mandolin, lap steel, electric guitar, bass guitar

Jonathan Shadel: Violin, string machine, piano

Kev Sinnott: Theremin

Sheriden Starr: Drums

Artwork by Jonathan Shadel



all rights reserved


Tim Chaplin UK

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Track Name: Baby
How many minutes 'til I'm with my baby?...

All my heart's with you...

How many minutes 'til I kiss my baby?...

How many minutes 'til I miss my baby?...
Track Name: Baby Blue Sky
Whatever happened to your health?
You wanna listen to yourself
'Cause baby blue sky went away
Let's go back the way we came

Six more sleeps until today
Six more steps along the way
And I ain't ever gonna be
The thing you thought you saw in me

Won't you listen, baby, please?
I'm not what your schoolgirl sees
I've been crawling on my knees
The day that you went away
The day that you went away
Track Name: Our Lady Of The Roses
I like the way
Your sentence stops on time
Until today
The waiting world was mine
God-fearing girl
You're lying to yourself
Bed-ridden boy
Your life's upon a shelf

Standing in the doorway
Been waiting here for weeks
There's a girl I imagined
With rose petals in her cheeks
But now there's only nothing
As far as I can see
Our lady of the roses
Were/was you waiting there for me?

If I could lay
My wasted body down
To sleep off the shivers
And the tinsel of your town
Track Name: Teenage Love Anxiety
You know it's true
I don't know what to do
It's so brand new
Changed your red shoes for blue

It's just your teenage love anxiety
This is what your blood runs for
It's just your teenage love anxiety
This is what your heart beats for

The night-time, too
It put a spell on you
Oh, what to do?
'Cept turn your red light to blue

You know it's true
I don't know what to do
But me and you
Gonna turn your red skies into blue

This is what your heart beats for
This is what your heart beats for
This is what my heart beats for
This is what our hearts beat for
Track Name: Walk In The Sun
Saying what's on your mind again
Wanting to wander way back when
To all the answers we already had
Before the chances that turned out so bad

Seems like forever since I was the one
Seems like we'll never walk in the sun
If you're so clever, why do you run?
Seems like we'll never walk in the sun

Playing upon your mind again
Wish I could make it through again
But it's gone and then is now
You always shone, so show me how
Track Name: So She Says
So promises are broken again
Been trying since I can't remember when
But now it's been too long
And what I did was wrong
I can't care less
Or so she says

So all your dreams are all falling down
Just can't stop the circle turning round
But she's the one who chose
And now she thinks she knows
I can't care less
Or so she says

I'm walking through the rain
But she can't feel the same
I can't care less
Or so she says
Track Name: Q & A
Give me sixteen questions
I'll give you sixteen answers
There's never been a better time for you
See you now and always
In streets and empty doorways
I've never known another one like you

Give me sixteen questions
I'll give you sixteen answers
I'm blind by only having eyes for you
I just watch the raindrops
While you just make my heart stop
I know we'll never get it back - do you?

She's so sleepy
She won't wake up for me
And I'm just so empty
I've nothing left to be

Give me sixteen questions
I'll give you sixteen answers
I'll never love another girl like you
Track Name: Princess Diaries
On the day you went away
All the things you couldn't say
I don't know you anymore
Now nothing's like before
It's never like before

And I feel you slip away from me...
There's something more
Something more

Your princess diaries heart
Has broken you apart
Though sinking's not my style
I'll stay here for a while
I'll wait here for a while
Track Name: Your Top Ten
Did you choose your favourite men?
Write 'em down in a top ten?
Was I in it?
I know I was
Would you go through it again?
To feel like you did then?
Are you sorry?
I know I was

Did you really love the sounds?
And the boys that you wrote down?
Were you crying?
I know I was
Like a bullet from a gun
Straight in at number one
Are you ready?
I know I was
Track Name: Sophie Sometimes
Sophie said she saw the sun
It turned her round and that's the way to go
But what if he's the one?
He's always sure, but she'd just never know
So she looks to better times
She thinks again and she's okay today
But she maybe wishes:
'He was mine', just sometimes

Sophie says that she's okay
Sure she is, but now's still just today
Waiting to fall again
This can't go on - something's gonna change
All she has to do is say
And he'll come and take her walking by the sea
Hoping that she's wishing:
'He was mine', just sometimes
Track Name: Someone I Used To Know
I saw her walking away
Just yesterday
Just someone I used to know
And out on the street
I still save a seat
Just for someone I used to know

You always held your head up high
When you walked down the street
Now I'm hanging on your last words
And every last heartbeat
So tired of cheating time
And people moving on
But it's now and it's all gone...

When I think I know her name
I gotta stop and think again
Just someone I used to know
Any time was better than this
And every day I'm gonna miss
Just someone I used to know

It's only words you never said
It's only dreams inside your head
Just someone I used to know
It's everything I've never seen
But I can hope and I can dream
Just someone I used to know
Track Name: With Cracks
Tangled with a shop girl
Sold me half her world
I gave her all of mine for free
All of mine for free
Built it up to something
With cracks to all fall down
I ain't the boy she hoped I'd be
Boy she hoped I'd be

Making love made her eyes just cry
If you're so up, why'd you get so high?...

The blackness of her basement
The hugeness of the sky
Just left me all alone at sea
All alone at sea
Put her in for princess
Missing two front teeth
She's always beautiful to me
Beautiful to me