Sally's Arms​/​Morning, Marie

by Tim Chaplin

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Tara Records

TARA 028


released March 2, 2015



all rights reserved


Tim Chaplin UK

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Track Name: Sally's Arms
She's coming to your house
She's coming to your door
She'll soak into your walls
She'll melt into your floor
She's living in your room
She's sleeping in your bed
You're the lodger to
The landlord in your head

And it musta been Sally's arms
Yeah, it musta been Sally's arms
It musta been Sally's arms

What is it about this house?
What is it about this name?
What is it about these rooms
Makes me hide away in shame?
There's something about your eyes
There's something that they can't see
There's something about your words
Makes me think of me
Track Name: Morning, Marie
Morning, Marie
With your looking glass eyes
And your skyscraper tears
And your family-size lies
I must seem as empty
As they all must surely think I am
Morning, Marie
See the ice on the sand?
I got pens in my head
I got words in my hand
This must seem as crazy
As you all must surely think I am

And I know it's wrong
Always known it's wrong...

Morning, Marie
You're America's miss
With your gossip mag mouth
And your soap opera kiss
You must seem as over
As they all must surely think you are
Morning, Marie
With no time on your wrist
So I shot for the moon
I was drunk and I missed
I must seem as lazy
As you all must surely think I am